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Working outdoors I was having a meeting with someone (lets call him Jeff) over coffee last week when the topic got onto where we actually do our work. Jeff is your typical office worker who has an office with 2 PCs, 2 printers and is in the office at 9am on the dot and does not leave until 6pm at the earliest. For 90% of his time he is bound to his desk as he thinks he is more productive t...

Should broadband now be classed as a right? This is something I have been asked by quite a few people recently and to be honest I am still undecided. You see the problem is when I think of rights I think of shelter, food, water and that kind of stuff. People wanting to access their Facebook page and access to the internet in general doesn’t come in to it.

There is a problem here though, and it is a BIG problem, everything these days revolves around the internet in some shape or form. ...

I used to work for an IT department at a well-known UK-based global insurance company.control room monering a network

One of the most important pieces of software was our network management system or NMS. This system monitored the network and alerted us when something went wrong. But because the network was designed to be fault tolerant, the users (usually!) did not notice when part of the system fai...

Fake news is highly topical just now, least of all due to President Trump’s infamous speeches and prolific tweets. It is easy to think that he is talking mince but maybe, once in a while, he is not wrong – who knows?

camper vanI was at a networking meeting last week when I was reminded by one of the attendees of the story of the guy who successfully sued the manufacturers of his motorhome because h...

1980 portable computerIt’s a well-worn phrase that is used, perhaps overused, as an excuse for procrastination. Sometimes it is because business managers have other priorities and only think about their IT systems when something has already gone wrong or when they get an inkling that something is not quite right.

The cost of fixing a problem after it has already happened can often be m...

flat tyre on a carA few weeks ago I went to an evening networking event about 50 minutes drive from home. Not long after I got onto the motorway, I noticed that the car was running a bit “rough”. It felt like a faint vibration from the engine. It wasn’t terrible, but knowing the car so well, I could feel it.

As I got near the venue, it got worse and soon I heard a loud rubbing and banging ...

It is generally accepted that most businesses need, or at least want, to create a presence on the Web, so what can go wrong?

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