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IT Support from your bedroom

Guest blogger, Alex, our youngest padawan explains in his own words what working from home in the current climate means for him.

workingfromhomeWorking from home has given me a different sense of freedom to that of the office. The ability to roam your house after completing a job gives a sense of invigoration. When client issues arise, I find the lack of social interaction with colleagues and clients restricting, although the ability to always be in contact via messaging apps and video chats provides much needed help in keeping communications running smoothly but it doesn’t provide quite the sociable experience that office work would.

Apart from a less sociable time, working at home does allow for a slightly more relaxed experience. Being in the safety of my own home does mean that the worry for travel and reaching the office in time is non-existent. Knowing that all my resources are available from my bed relieves the pressure of tardiness and allows for extra scheduling and action to be done after hours to support my workload which has helped relieve any worry over deadlines and accessing resources.

I have been able to develop different aspects of my working abilities. Despite not meeting clients physically I have been able to develop my skills in communication through my increased use of the phone. Remote support software allowing access to client systems has also been a bonus. As well as my communications skills there has been a bigger emphasis on the running and maintaining of client servers. I have been able to gain more hands-on experience, through increased responsibility, in assuring that all client servers are functioning correctly. From analysing backup activity to assuring clients can connect remotely, working from home has allowed me to work on different aspects of the job. I would like to think I am becoming a more knowledgeable and successful employee. Through working at home I have been able to develop a larger responsibility than before when I was working in the office which has since improved my confidence to work on different client incidents and operate in and out with the office.

One issue which has become clear for me is that I have started not interpreting my home as a workspace. Being at home can lead to many different distractions for all sorts of people, for myself finding my room as an area of work early on was a bit of a struggle. Over time I have since been able to mould into my new surroundings feeling more comfortable and less distracted which has hopefully helped develop my ability to work in many different areas and be comfortable to work from home when required again.

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