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Should broadband now be classed as a right?

Should broadband now be classed as a right? This is something I have been asked by quite a few people recently and to be honest I am still undecided. You see the problem is when I think of rights I think of shelter, food, water and that kind of stuff. People wanting to access their Facebook page and access to the internet in general doesn’t come in to it.

There is a problem here though, and it is a BIG problem, everything these days revolves around the internet in some shape or form. Everything that effects our daily life – food, money, transport etc is affected by the internet in some way so even if you aren’t online yourself you can guarantee that the things you use will have been influenced by it. Perhaps I am being narrow minded thinking people only want to use the internet for social reasons and should instead look at it as a tool to provide better opportunities for everyone.

So with more and more services going online are people without access to broadband being left behind? Probably is the answer to that but is the answer to give broadband the same status as shelter, food and water? I’m still not sure but if it does get it then enormous amounts of broadband investment is needed.


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