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Working Outdoors

Working outdoors I was having a meeting with someone (lets call him Jeff) over coffee last week when the topic got onto where we actually do our work. Jeff is your typical office worker who has an office with 2 PCs, 2 printers and is in the office at 9am on the dot and does not leave until 6pm at the earliest. For 90% of his time he is bound to his desk as he thinks he is more productive that way. If that works for him I am not going to knock it but then we got talking about me.

My style of working is completely different to Jeff’s. I have set up ComTech to be a mobile business (just look at the top picture), which means I am not tied to a desk all day unless I choose to be. I have an office setup with my lovely iMac and multiple monitors but I also have a mobile setup which allows me to work from anywhere when the weather is nice or I just fancy a change of scenery. “But how can you help your clients if you are half way up a hill somewhere?” was Jeff’s response to this.

My mobile setup consists of the following:

  1. EE myfi (4G) and Three myfi (3G) which covers my internet needs.
  2. Lenovo 10 inch Android tablet and Acer Chromebook for actually doing the work.
  3. Teamviewer for remote access and Pulseway for remote monitoring of my clients systems
  4. Ankar powerpack for tablet and myfi (Chromebook has 12 hours of battery life)

This setup has proved its worth time and again and multiple clients have been helped when I am out and about. It is a standing joke with a lot of my clients that they ask “Where are you today then?” before they tell me what their problem is!

I am not saying this approach works for everything and yes, there are times when I have to sit at a desk to finish a piece of work or project but most times it gives me the flexibility to choose how and where I do my work. In almost 7 years of business I have never failed to respond to a client with the SLA of 4 hours and I am usually much quicker than this. For those times when boots are required on the ground the car is never that far away either.

Like I said earlier this approach works for me and makes my work / life balance more enjoyable but it may not work for everyone so let's start the conversation. What works for you?

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